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Lose Fat the Ephedra Free Way

Even though ephedra is king in my book you can burn fat with ephedra free products. Since some people don't tolerate stimulants well due to heart or other medical conditions these products deserve a look. And they will also work for those that don't like the racing heart and jitteriness that come with ephedra.

Ironically it is thanks to the ban on ephedra that we now have such good ephedra free fat burners. The ban caused the supplement companies to focus on other ways to increase metabolism and burn fat effectively. The products below are some of the results of this research.

  • Nutrex Lipo 6 - Synephrine HCL 20mg, Synthetic 99% Guggulsterones Z&E 1:1 20mg, Yohimbe HCL 3mg, Caffeine Anhydrous USP 200mg, Bioperine 5mg
  • Biotest Hot-Rox - 950mg A7-E™ Super-Thermogenic Gel™ 20/700 (3,17-dihydroxy-delta-5-etiocholane-7-one diethylcarbonate, Sclaremax™ [proprietary, liquid sclareolide], GZ™ 100 [proprietary guggulsterone]), caffeine
  • S.A.N. Tight - Proprietary Thermogenic Complex: 375mg (caffeine anhydrous 99%, green tea extract 60% EGCG, synephrine 96%, pure guggulsterones E&Z 99%, sclareolide 96%, yohimbe 99%, vinpocetine 99%, bioperine 96%)
Synephrine is a stimulant that has been added to thermogenics to replace ephedra. It is derived from the bitter orange plant. Synephrine is similar to ephedra, but not as potent. Combined with caffeine it will provide energy, increase fat burning, increase metabolism and promote weight loss. On the downside it does not appear to be muscle sparing as ephedrine is. Also, it appears that synephrine increases the risk for stroke due to its vasoconstricting properties. These reports have come from the Mayo clinic so should be taken seriously.

Guggulsterones come from a tree in India. It is taken from the sap of the tree and then refined and purified. Guggulsterones have the effect of stimulating the thyroid which can really turn up your metabolism. Look for the high potency variety of guggul extract. It should be dark brown in color and smell of coffee and raisins. If your guggulsterone supplement is light yellow in color it is not nearly strong enough to produce the effect you are looking for. S.A.N T3 is an excellent source of high potency guggulsterones.

Yohimbe comes from a tree in West Africa and is converted in the body to yohimbine. Claims of aphrodesiac properties, fat loss and antioxidant properties have all been made. It is known that yohimbine is a vasodialator, so the aphrodesiac claims may be partially true just from increased blood flow to the apendages. It does increase noradrenaline levels as well. It is also known for causing anxiety attacks and many health care professionals consider it dangerous.

Some people want to avoid stimulants altogether, including caffeine. You're in luck, there are a number of awesome fat burners that are stimulant-free! You many not lose as much as you would with ECA stacks, but they are safer alternatives for some people. Results vary, but typically people lose an average of 7-10 pounds with these.

The products below are the ones that people are getting the best results with!

  • MAN Vaporize - SesaThin Sesame Seed Oil SE: 500mg (minimum 50% Sesamin), Sesamin Lignan 250mg, High Lignan Flaxseed Oil 500mg, Alpha-Linolenic Acid (Omega-3 FA) 225mg, Linoleic Acid (Omega-6 FA) 55mg, Oleic Acid (Omega-9 FA) 55mg
  • BioQuest Tetrazene - Vitamin B6 2mg 100%, Biotin 200mcg 67%, Proprietary Blend: 507mg,KGM-90 (super-class pharmaceutical grade glucomannan), glutamine, olive leaf extract.
  • Universal Supercuts 3 - Vitamin B 40mg 2000%, Calcium 150mg 15%, Chromium 15mcg 13%, L-Carnitine 600mg, Lecithin 500mg, Choline 500mg, Inositol 500mg, L-Methionine 200mg,Linoleic Acid 100mg, Oleic Acid 50mg, Taraxacum Extract 250mg, Grapefruit Extract 125mg,Green Tea Extract 125mg, Uva Ursi 200mg, Cayenne Extarct 50mg
  • Avant Labs SesaThin - Sesathin Sesame Oil extract standardized to 60% sesamin.
Sesamin does three significant things in regards to weight control/fat loss. First it increases the rate that fat gets converted to energy. Secondly it inhibits the function of fat storing enzymes. Sesamin can also change the metabolism so that fat is used preferentially as an energy source. So, sesamin makes fat the first thing the body burns and increases the rate that the body burns it as well as slowing down how fast the body can store fat.


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