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The Medifast Diet Plan

The Medifast Diet Plan (5 & 1 Plan) works by creating a calorie deficit in your body thus putting it into a fat burning state. Each Medifast Diet Plan meal contains a balance of nutrients to help you burn fat while saving your lean muscle tissue.

The Medifast Diet Plan will put your body into a mild state of ketosis. Ketosis is what happens when your body does not have sufficient carbohydrates to create energy. When this happens your body will use fat as its preferred energy source.

The combination of the calorie deficit and the nutrient balance in Medifast Diet Plan meals causes your bodys fat stores to release fatty acids which your liver then turns into ketones for use as energy by your body.

This mild state of ketosis serves three purposes:

  1. It helps you burn fat and lose weight faster and more efficiently
  2. It preserves your lean muscle tissue
  3. It helps to eliminate hunger while providing sufficient levels of energy

Most people find that when they start the Medifast Diet Plan it takes about three to five days to enter this mild state of ketosis. These first three to five days are the hardest, so pick a start date that makes sense for your schedule. The best time to start the Medifast Diet Plan might be when you don’t anticipate any family, work-related, or other social-type events that involve food.

Once you get past this initial phase of the Medifast Diet Plan you will find that most if not all of your hunger pangs will be gone and you will likely have more energy than you have had in a long while. These are the best indications that your body is in the fat burning state.

You will stay on the Medifast Diet Plan and in the fat burning state until one of the following four occurs:

  • You’ve lost the amount of weight you were trying to lose
  • Your weight loss has slowed to less than 3 lbs a month
  • You develop a contraindication for the Medifast Diet Plan (such as pregnancy)
  • Your doctor recommends you transition out of the weight loss phase of the Medifast Diet Plan


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