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Medifast Diet Plan Proof - It Works!

There have been several research studies conducted over the years that provide proof of the safety and effectiveness of the Medifast Diet for weight loss.

Most prominent in the studies are those conducted by the Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center. The Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center has been using the Medifast Diet for the past 8 years in its low calorie diets and researchers there have found that on average males lost 67.41 lbs. and females lost 47.5 lbs. after being on the Medifast program for 16 weeks.

Another study done at The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health looked at the effects of the Medifast Diet on type II diabetics. Specifically, they compared the Medifast Diet Plus plan for diabetics to the American Diabetic Association basic nutrition recommendations. They found that those on the Medifast Diet Plus Plan for diabetics lost twice as much weight and were twice as likely to stay with the diet program as those following the American Diabetic Association recommendations. Additionally they also found the following health improvements:

  • 27% increase in quality of life
  • 19% decrease in insulin
  • 12% decrease in fatty triglycerides
  • 10% decrease in blood glucose
  • 9% decrease in HDL
  • 8% decrease in blood pressure
  • 7.5% decrease in bodyfat

Additional studies done at the University of Vermont at Burlington and the Maine State Prison confirm the results of the Johns Hopkins studies. The Medifast Diet leads to proven weight loss and improved health.


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