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The Medifast Diet Transition Plan

Unlike other diets you do not stay on the Medifast Diet forever, there is a transition back to more regular eating. After you reach your goal weight or your weight loss has slowed significantly you move on to the transition phase of the Medifast Diet. It is during this transition phase of the Medifast Diet that you begin to re-introduce foods back into your diet.

This transition will give your body time to adjust to its new weight as well as the higher level of calories being introduced. You may still continue to eat some foods from the Medifast Diet at this point, but you will also be adding fruits, higher calorie vegetables, grains, and low fat dairy products back into your diet.

You should be very proud of yourself at this point. You’ve successfully used the Medifast Diet to take off your unwanted pounds and transform yourself to a more shapely and healthy person. The Medifast Diet has allowed you to take control of your eating and your life once again, so celebrate yourself. Do not, however make the mistake of thinking that now you are in the transition phase you can go back to eating fast food and pizza and fried foods.

The transition phase of the Medifast Diet will teach you healthy eating habits for the rest of your life. You will learn what foods are safe to eat and which ones are not if you want to maintain your new healthy body and lighter weight. Medifast Diet foods may be a permanent part of your life now, one or two Medifast meals a day can help you maintain your new weight.



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